Rettighetsinnehaver: Thorstein Diesen
Didrik von Cappelen [7466]
Dorthea Michelsdatter Ringkjøbing [11871]
Peder Jacobsen Juell [14263]
Cathrine Pedersdatter Bagge [9858]
Diderik von Cappelen [6928]
Petronelle Pedersdatter Juell [6929]
Uldrich Fredrik von Cappelen [7470]



1. Benedicte Henrikke Aall [9044]

Uldrich Fredrik von Cappelen [7470]

  • Født: 18 Des 1770, Skjølie, Nes
  • Døpt: 24 Des 1770
  • Ekteskap (1): Benedicte Henrikke Aall [9044]
  • Død: 23 Apr 1820, Porsgrunn, Telemark 49 år gammel
  • Begravet: 29 Apr 1820, Porsgrund, Telemark

punktmerke  Generelle notater:

Ref. Folketelling 1801, Uldrich v. Cappellen 31, Bosted: Prinsens gade, 24. Skien

Ulrich Fredrich von Cappelen was born in 1770 to landowner and merchant Diedrich von Cappelen (1734-1794) and his first wife Petronelle Pedersdatter Juel (1737-1785). He had two older brothers, one sister and one younger half-brother. His older brothers Peder Juel and Didrich became politicians.
In 1793 he married Benedicte Henrikke Aall (1772-1812), daughter of Nicolai Benjamin Aall and Amborg Jørgensdatter, née Wesseltoft. The couple had nine children, many of whom became noteworthy citizens. The sons Nicolai Benjamin and Ulrik Frederik became jurists and members of the national parliament. The third son, Wittus Juel, became a merchant in Drammen. The daughters Didricha and Louise were married consecutively to bishop and politician Jens Lauritz Arup. The fourth daughter Benedicte married her cousin Hans Blom Cappelen; their son Didrik became a member of parliament while their daughter Marie married Fritz Trampe Flood of the notable Flood ship-owner family. Finally, their fourth son Jørgen Wright Cappelen moved to Kristiania and founded the publishing house J.W. Cappelens Forlag, through which the name Cappelen lives today.
Ulrich Fredrich von Cappelen grew up in Skien and was a merchant there. Some time after the death of his father he moved to Porsgrund, and started as a timber merchant and ship-owner. Having inherited assets and real estate, he bought more property, especially in rural Eidanger. However, the Gunboat War from 1807 to 1814, and the subsequent economic depression, had a very negative impact on his ship business. He was virtually bankrupt upon his death in 1820.


punktmerke  Hendelser

1. Yrke: Godseier, grosserer og skipsreder.


Uldrich giftet seg med Benedicte Henrikke Aall [9044] [MRIN: 3349], datter av Nicolai Benjamin Aall [14202] og Amborg Jørgensdatter Wesseltoft [14203]. (Benedicte Henrikke Aall [9044] ble født i 1772 i Porsgrunn, Telemark, døpt i Apr 1772 i Porsgrund, Telemark, døde i 1812 i Porsgrunn, Telemark og ble begravet den 23 Des 1812 i Porsgrund, Telemark.)

Rettighetsinnehaver: Thorstein Diesen

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